Dance 4 Me Testo

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Testo Dance 4 Me

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Christopher talking softly:]
Yeah, a girl like you, comes along once in a life time...
Huh, I'm sure glad I got you...
Just like this (ahh... yeah)
Check me out...

So nice to be here
In my favorite room
The fire is burning bright and I see yooou in the light
Your silhouette winding slow for me
And after all this time your still sooo fine

You're my...
You're my little sexy lady [lady singing]
There's no need to stray... noo...
Please don't say maybe [lady singing]
I promise... Tooo...
Always be this way
See me and you... we got this sexual

Why don't you
Why... don't you move [Chris and lady singing]
Oh... Why don't you let it flow... [Chris and lady singing]
Ooooohhhh baby [Chris singing]
Just dance for me... OOoooHH

How do I approach you
What do I say girl
How do I find the words?
Toooo make your day
What's too much...
When I gooo to far
I can't stop
You got me so damn hard (come on)

You're my...
You're my little sexy lady... [lady singing]
There's no need to stray... no-no...
Please don't say maybe... [lady singing]
I promise it will always be this way (la la la)
Cause aaahh baby were's so physical oh...

Why don't you move (woo)
Oh... Why don't you let it flow [lady singing]
Please... (woohoo) .pleease (wooh—hoo)
Oooh... Just dance for me...
Oooohhh... sugar

Why don't you move (just dance for me)
Just let it flow
Oh... Why don't you let it flow? (Oh baby)
Ah baby...
Just dance for me... Oh oh
Dance, dance, dance

[Lady singing and Christopher talking softly]

Pretty Little sexy lady
There's no need to stray no
Please don't say maybe
Oh... I promise to love you...
To... La la la la la you
Love you, love you for always and Always

Dance for me...
Why don't you dance for me
Why don't you dance for me
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