My Friends Were Right Testo

Testo My Friends Were Right

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hey, I must be out of my mind
Every second's a lesson that I'm just wasting my time
I'd give anything to feel the way I used to feel
Full of certainty, no matter what would happen
(I can't see anything but fragments of everything we once were)

I've been thinking about the progress we've made
And the common sense that sent me walking away

Throw away all you used to love
Cause your hands are tired from holding on way too long
You'll bruise for the best and move on
And you, and you will find someone

I'm callused from constantly chasing someone
And if I keep this all up, I'll soon lose everything that I love
For friends, for everyone else...
My muse will soon melt, but I'll be strong for myself

I've been thinking about the toll that it takes
I'm going insane, my friends were right in the first place

I must be out of my mind.
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