Sing For Every Dream Testo

Testo Sing For Every Dream

Do you remember a time
When you believed in yourself
And every note was in tune
with how you really felt?

Cause I'm filled with this melody,
but I've been lying to myself
Since I started singing songs about
scents I never smelled

This time, I'll write it all down.

We sing for every dream
That made its way right down our streets
If that still matters to you
We wait on shooting stars
to hit the earth and make us who we are
If that still matters to you

And I wait for the sun to burn
Cause there must be something more to this,
there must be something more
I felt a fire burn out
from the tip of my tongue to the top of my mouth
so find something in my words
or I'll forget what its about

We were swept away by the size of the shore
Our eyes were wide and tired but we wanted
More of this Atlantic breeze
that taught us to believe
So we packed our shit and prayed
and wrote words to fit the songs we played
and we knew,
we were getting something done
we were getting...
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