Take Your Time Testo

Testo Take Your Time

Know what you're feeling
It's all so real to you
Through your glass ceiling
You can't see the sky

Your angels have fallen
Your faith reads like fiction now
Your demons keep calling
And you let them inside

Time is on your side
And you won't run and hide forever no
You're gonna let it go
Oh yeah

You're down upon your knees
But time is all you need to make it through
And you're gonna make it through
Oh yeah...take your time

The mirror is broken
Your pieces are everywhere
You gather them hoping
Just leave it behind

Your down upon your knees
But time is all you need to carry you
Don't let it bury you
Oh yeah...Take your time

You can't see it
But the pain that keeps dragging you down
Is the buried treasure you've found
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