Cold Hearted (Clay Walker/M. Jason Greene) Testo

Testo Cold Hearted (Clay Walker/M. Jason Greene)

Everything I touch turns to ashes
So I wouldn't dare lay a hand on you
I've never had much luck with passion
But I can tell you're wantin' me too

Every time you look my way I shiver
I'm havin' a hard time keepin' my cool
I see the message your eyes deliver
Or is it just the smoke in the room

I feel the heat
It's gettin' harder and harder to breathe
I feel the sweat
Rollin' down the nape of my neck
(Oh) You're burnin' me up
(Just/Oh) look at this ragin' fire you started
Don't stop now
Baby (you're/that's) cold hearted

Well I've always been a little bit reckless
Oh and now here I am playin' with fire
With every sweet kiss from your red lips
You make my temperature rise
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