Jesus Was A Country Boy Testo

Testo Jesus Was A Country Boy

I stumbled an a preacher Sunday mornin' all
decked out and made up for t.v. askin for
some money from God's people talkin' all that
high theology

Well i might be just an old blue collar there's things
about the Lord that i dont know but i bet he never
had a million dollars or wore a lot of stylish fancy clothes.

Cuz Jesus was a country boy walkin' down a dirt road
with everything that he owned he never met a stanger
born in a barn underneath the stars his momma laid
him in a manger swimmin in the river fishin' for his
dinner livin' with the sinners like me makes me think
that Jesus was a country boy

My daddy never cared much for religion and my
momma worried a lot about his soul she'd hit
her knees and pray for him on Sunday while daddy
hit his favorite fishin' hole and daddy knew

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