Funeral Of The Evil Forces Testo

Testo Funeral Of The Evil Forces

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
satan is dereated
like an infamous leprous
cold and full of wounds
into the ferocius blindness of death

the end of his
domnion has come
as soon as it was established

the infernal sword destroyed
the profane amulet smashed
his curse image
awaits the flames of hell

sacred words say through holy spirit
be means of the faith in jesus christ
you defeated is proclaimed

creator has rose up
in his hand, brings the justice
your knees, are bow i can hear
your confession, feel the pain
and the fear that you've spread
to all without limits

this is the day
the occult is revelead
the bestial empire deposes
every lie regurgitaded

his dominion will be eternal
will never be destroyed
for he must reign till hath
put all enemies under his feet
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