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Testo Dolphins

Robbie Williams di nuovo padre, video in diretta dalla sala parto
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Giving your past away will heal you for a while
But like the wind, it comes and goes.
And by the time you realize how much you miss the one you seek,
He's good and gone.

And for a day, and for a big part of the night,
I'm gonna walk to be right on time.
I want to be the only one allowed to see
When the dove and the seagull meet.
I'm not scared of holes when they're not deep.

What is wrong with me ?
Why do you remain silent like a weeping willow ?
In the Lower East Side Of My Heart
There's a place where you can go.

And if the towers far behind had made a light,
What was the best thing we could do ?
There would be dolphins swimming around you and me,
There would be feathers, there would be glow…

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