Molly Testo

Testo Molly

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[performed by French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Charlie Rock]

[French Montana:]
It feels like the sky is opening, and we are entering. your all I ever wanted baby, I'm always gonna be here, when you need me, when you get tired of them suckas

Now you know I'm on that molly told her I'm not tryna polly I'm just lookin for somebody to ride, baby tryna leave this party we can roll up on some molly, shorty I'm just tryna blow out ya back, ya back, ya back, ya back, ya back, ya back, ya back

She got that feeling, feeling, shorty be twerking off the pill, her clothes start peeling peeling, [?] these girls for real, she touched the celing celing she bought that party here for real, I call her molly molly she bought that party here for real

[Charlie Rock:]
We started talking she said she do molly's, fresh outta college and offered to party, and we la di da di and we la di da di and we be on them mollys too

[French Montana:]
She said she graduated college now she strippin for some dollars told her don't put no more milage on ya thang let me help me with ya problems baby no more window shoppin she said frenchy put some diamonds on my hand

So as she roll up roll up I snatched her arm in the peel she touched my polo polo now that [?] for real, she start to shiver shiver all threw her body she feels chills, she know she want it want it, I pinch her so she knows it's real.
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