Keep Doin' U Testo

Testo Keep Doin' U

(feat. Voice)

[Craig G]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
From the top, from the top
Yeah yeah yeah nigga
41st Side
Craig G nigga
Yeah, yeah nigga
Uh huh
This is how we gon' do this shit right here
Let me just take you niggas back real quick
Listen, listen here

Yo yo yo
It goes a 1-2-3, 3, the 2-1
My man Larry Lye, his name's DJ Run
Thats what I used to listen to in 1983
Eleven years old
Four years since I chose to be an emcee
Seven on the scene, mop necks, ???
On the mic over there in the park by the water
Come from outta town to the Bridge, and try to sound like you tough
end up on the black strip and get slaughtered
But I was too young to run with those older niggas and their guns
Plus this music had me strung, I got more rhymes than a bank got duns
Sounds funny now, but it was the shit at the time
High Fedelity blew every house party
Back on Vernon, but I was just a youth, I was learnin
Thats what you need to do, first be a student then a tutor
If not then this verse will kill ya future, motherfucker

[Chorus: Voice]
Oooohh, life is much too cruel (much too cruel)
I can't change for you (change for you)
I'll keep doing me (doing me)
While you keep doing you (ooohhhh)
Life is much too cruel (much too cruel)
I can't change for you (change for you)
I'll keep doing me (doing me)
While you keep doing you (ooohhhh)

[Craig G]
I seen Grand Wizard Theodore cut with cuffs in the reese
Back when I rocked the light beige sheet
In hip hop my life plays deep
Fuck around with the wrong niggas and they might spray heat
Listen here, I'm from 4117 apartment 2A
Fuck around, and nigga, on the ground you lay
Crab niggas fake jacks like there's five in a deck
Tellin ancient war stories as if they earning respect
I roll dolo, but my crew of personalities swarm
When I perform, you stay locked on like the cells of the dorms
At eleven half asses emcees heads I'm severing
From the neck above, you get no respect or love
You can take it with the lyrics or hand in hand with the glove
I come ninety six buildings of drama, drugs, and slugs

Craig G nigga
Lets take 'em back nigga
Its like that nigga what?

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