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Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Sister can I tell you that I get so sad
Like I'm grieving for something I've never had
Sister when I'm broken, when you're holding me
It's the child who's crying for the woman
Father can I tell you that I know your fear
'Cause you gave it to me when you brought me here
Father when you're hiding from the light that's inside
Did you know that you're running from the dreamer

Naheo don't lose your indian
That's what he said

Brother can I tell you that I've been the same
When I heard all the yelling I played the game
Brother when I leave you I will eat all your tears
And I'll have you inside when I need you
Mother can you see me, see me clear
Too big to fly and too small to fear
When you're shining you can walk on your hands
Don't you cover your smile when you're laughing

Naheo don't lose your indian
That's what he said

The child who sings the ancient song
On Sandia's back under the sun
With mocassin feet in kokum's shawl
Danking to the heart inside of us all

Lover can I tell you that I get so scared
Like you don't really see me behind your stare
Lover when we are changing
When we are turning inside
Do we heal how we feel
Or do we ride on

Naheo don't lose your indian
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