I Love You Testo

Testo I Love You

[Chorus: x2]
Girl I Love U (Okay)
N I Need U (Aright)
I Gotta Have Ya Cause U My Baby Boo(Whateva)

(Now Now Now)
Now Sometimes U Make Me Mad
N I Wanna Slap Ur Ass
But U Kno I Can Not Mash
Do Not Mean To Make U Sad
Girl U The Best Thing Thats Happened To Me
Cant U See What U Mean To Me?
I Did Not Mean To Yell
Keep Punch And Make U Bleed
Remember What We Used To Be
Remember What U Did To Me
U Usta Sex Me So Good
N All My Boys Could See
We Usta Hide In The Back Of The School
And U Loved Me Up Under The Moon
Now U Want To Sell Our Carz
Just Because U Found The Draw

U Say U Love Me And U Need Me
But Thats Not The Case
U Talk About Me To Ur Boys
Then U Smile Up In My Face

But Baby Wait
Girl Just Think
About All The Love We Had

Thats A Mistake
Boy U Fake
Now Look U Done Made Me Mad
U Could Take Back All Ur Clothes
And Ur Golden Diamond Rings

Man Dat Ring Cost Me A G

Nigga Money Aint A Thing
No Bling Bling
I Dont Need It
Already Kno That U Been Cheatin

Call Me Cryin On The Phone
Here Goes Sum Change
Go Call Tyrone

[Chorus: x4]

All My Emotions, My Emotions
Ball Of Love, Ball Of Love
Im Bout To Self Destruct

Nigga U Outta Luck

But All Dat Pussy U Missing
And See My Dick N Yo Titties
All That Sassiness Aint Happening
When It Comes To This Picture
This Is My House
U In Or U Out
Out N About Wit All Of Ur Friends
Ho U Wrong Leavin Me Here
Takin Care Of All These Kids
All That Liein, Cheatin, All These Niggas
Phone Numbers Poppin In Ur Beeper

Yeaaa Girl U Kno That I Love Ya
N I Cant Live Without Ya
U Kno I Wanna Hug Ya
N Im Always Thinkin Bout Ya
Girl U Kno U Complete Me
Im Pleedin For U To Stay
But U Leavin Me
But Today U Gon See Me
I Need Ya So Please Believe Me
Now I Sit Reminiscin
Posted Up On The Wall
Since U Not Pissed Off N Bitchin
Y Dont U Give Me A Call
Im Chillin Here All Alone You
Wit Ur Girls On The Phone
I Want Some Sexual Healin
Or Jus Some Beautiful Dome

[Chorus : x4]
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