Impatience Testo

Testo Impatience

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
What goes on inside your mind
Beneath your skin I'd like to climb
Cause when I'm with you feels like I am not alone
You've set this up for several weeks
I'm breakin' down I'm on my knees
And If you feel how I feel, I have gotta know

Because I need to know

Baby if you don't care, then don't care
But baby if you don't know, then don't share
I'm calling for an answer, I'm not scared
And its not fair but I don't care

And all this time of wanting you
I think that we should see this through
I won't give up on us, I'd rather shoot and miss
Cause we could be the best of friends
But from the signals that you send
It makes me wonder if you want me more than this

Because I need to know

[Chorus x2]

So far away, so far away from the pain and the agony keeps me
From calling and asking the one stupid question thats nagging
Me over and over I need you to know that I'm needing you now
More than ever before.

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