Lock Out Testo

Testo Lock Out

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
The ballot's cast, the votes are in
Our workers slave so we can sin
Take advantage while you can
So think about it, the life I take for granted
And everyday I tend to whine about it.
I'm confused and amused, must I choose?
What should I do?

I feel tied down, I feel locked out
I see you struggle, but what;s this issue really about
Should we tempt fate, and try to change things before we die

It's cold and I wonder if we'll make it through the night
Though the world keeps spinning while we cower in our fright
So I think about it, I think of ways to try
A boy is shot downtown and
No one cares if he dies
Do we care or do we lie

But I do, I do care, but why, I'm scared, to think, of what I've become
And what this is all about
I feel locked out

I take a look outside, I see the protesters march and cry
I don't know why they bother, failing when they try
but attitudes like mine, only worsen times
I'm full of negative thoughts, I'm full of negative rhymes these are my negative lines
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