My Hero Testo

Testo My Hero

I hope you know you were an inspiration
To everyone who knew your name
And even if our paths did not once cross
I'm shedding tears for you just the same
Have you ever felt the world stop turning, and you start to second guess?
Yet through your pain you spread happiness
We won't forget you

Everywhere I go I see your face
Your faith and hope for life has changed me
And no words can quite explain
How every time I think of you
I feel this hole deep in my heart
This world has lost a vital part
But you're not alone

You're a hero and your love will not depart
We will miss you from the bottom of our hearts
You will be a hero in our lives eternally
Through experience you hold the key

Have you ever felt your world stop turning,
And your life comes crashing down

You were courageous from the start
You are my hero
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