Yours Truly Testo

Testo Yours Truly

Step back, think of what a beautiful thing we have to lose
But it's so large, so large
And mind me never losing much of anything, I'm as lost as you
And it's so hard, so hard

Open up wider
Cause we could use another hero
Open up wider
Cause we are far to comfortable

I'm scared, things look very different since I opened up my Eyes
And it's so wrong so wrong
And what I want is really what I needed and this I can't deny
It's been so long so long

Is it getting through, there's so much to lose, the lost and the
Lonely are counting on you
To open your eyes, and for the first time, not stand at attention
While they're falling behind

We're falling behind

Everything I said to you, tell me were you listening
And everything I sang to you, tell me were you listening
And every word I screamed at you, tell me were you listening
Cause every letter was for you, tell me are you listening
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