Soul Of The Deadman Testo

Testo Soul Of The Deadman

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
[lyric by Alexander]

You coming to me
Always with flowers
Lay at my graveside
And always crying
Your tears lay at my grave
They feed inanimated earth
Which cover my cold body
But your tears warm my sou
In this moment I was happy
You with me
I don't want be dead
I want be alive
But I'm dead, dead!
I'm dead like them
Which lay at this black kingdom
They don't have light
You going away
Don't cry
You nothing change this
But this is system of life
My soul rise to the sun
But this is system of life
My soul rise to the sun
But my body in hand of earth
My soul in heaven
But my body lay in the earth
Heaven have angels
They indicate the way of life
But I know my angel
It's you
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