Life Goes On Testo

Testo Life Goes On

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Life goes on, life goes on

We were young had
Dreams like everyone...
Will they come true only
Good knows son...
That's what momma says...
She's not here today
Had visions of what our
Lives would be
Jaded pictures give us reality...
Somethings pulling me unknown gravity

In a world were life's not garanted...
Do we know what is our destiny...
Hope was all we had
Sometimes life was bad...
But i'll remember you
Till the day I die never
Let them stop me from tryin to fly...
Pain and misery
Has made a stronger

Me and life...

Life goes on...
And I still remember...
Life goes on
Cold days in december
Life goes on
Praying things get better
Life goes on
Knowing everything must change...

Memories of the joy
We used to share
And the laughter that's
No longer there
Make me shed a tear
Wish that you were here
Cause everthough we're gone
Are seperate ways
I can't help thinking about yesterday...
When we played as kids
And all the things we did...
Know on know's why life
Takes a funny change...
In the blink of on
Eye it's not the same...
Juste remember pray
Dreams do slip away but life

{au Refrain}

Everything must change
Nothing stays the same
Nothing stays the same

{au Refrain}
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