The Storm Testo

Testo The Storm

I'm not gonna let this world change me
Not going let it rearrange me
As long as I've got God
I'm ready to stand any storm that comes at me
There were times I felt like giving up
Sometimes I know life can be rough
That's when the lord lifts me up
And when I'm thirsty he fills my cup
And I know

Oh happy day, since the Lord has come my way
Chorus harmony (oh happy day!)

Tears of joy every times
When I don't know what to say
To show how much I'm thankful
That he loves me so much
Cause even when the storm comes
I can still feel his touch
Though the tides may rise
And the winds may blow
God will be there and won't let go
And though there'll be times
The storm may rock the boat
God is the captain of my soul
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