Missing You Testo

Testo Missing You

The things I won't miss
I won't miss your smile
Oh, the way you look at me
Like you can see inside
The lips I want kiss
Will play on my mind
It's just a thing that we had now
It's better left behind

If that's of there is
I know I won't be waiting for you all my life

You know I'm getta alone without you now
But if you missing me somehow
I won't be missing you
And if I ever find the time
To forget that you were mine
I won't be missing you
At all...

So what if you're gone
I'll be ok
Another wants in all life time
You're sure that come my way
And I will find love
In words that I play
I'll find another hero
Who will save my life again

If that's of there is
I know I'll always be there waiting all my life


No, I'm not getting on
But I'm loosing your love
Heaven know where left to fall
Oh, know where left to run
And I don't really know
As hard as I try
In saying Good Bye

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