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Testo Speechless

Fabio Rovazzi: arriva l’accusa di plagio
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Oooh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah

Tragic, completely
When the one you love keeps runnin games with your heart
I feel the static, inside me
Should I stay, should I go, I don't know where to start

Coz baby you and I don't you know we got something that's beautiful
And yes you're the one even though that I know it's illogical
Cos baby

You've got something over me
And right now it's all a mystery
This thing's taken over you see
No matter what I do, I'm speechless over you
It don't make any sense at all
But I'm here to always take the fall
Baby, here's the proof
No matter what you do, I'm speechless over you

Panic, should I let go?
Life ain't as easy as a simple ABC
I've had it, baby you know
You've been steering that wheel to somewhere I can't see

Coz baby you and I don't know we got something incredible
And yes you're the one even though that I know it's illogical
Coz baby


Why can't you give your heart away
What can I do to make you stay
Just when I try to walk away
Something tells me

[Repeat chorus]
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