All My Friends Are Dead Testo

Testo All My Friends Are Dead

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
The world was spinning like a boat
And then it wasn’t there at all
And as my heart began to fall
And as my heart began to fall
… Jones

Mic check 1, 2

I see Satan in my soup, Farley in my bathrobe
Jimmy in my juice, Jesus in my shadows
Failure wide awake, success in my night dreams
Gandhi in my cheese cake, Hitler in my ice-cream
I helped my daughter through a waterfall
And sang til she turned the fossa to a water of
I protect her from the claws and the ‘rrors of the bedroom monsters plotting behind her closet door
Barbwire, bought er in a box spring
Bear traps wait in her pajama drawer
I whistle…
She giggles between sips from her bottle
Don’t cry for me, please don’t cry when your father’s gone
You are not a Jones, the baby blowin in the portrait in my wallet
Wouldn’t buy what her father sold
She’ll never drink what her father poured
My voice is not what you should walk towards, never follow
Walk the line, walk with pride, walk alone
Drink til your dreams shine bright above you
I love you

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