Another Public Service Announcement Testo

Testo Another Public Service Announcement

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
bass brother]OkThis is anotherPublic service announcementBrought to you in part...*punch*[rondell beene]YoThis thing on?Good good hell yeaLook, im speaking on behalf of d12And if you get affended by words likeBitchHoSissyFaggotHomoLezbianFudge packerClit eaterAll that shit like thatThen you should turn this shit off right nowCuz thats just some of the shitNo thats the only shit you gonna hear right here on this albumIts not that they dont have creativityOr some shit like that, that aint the caseWe just like sayin shit like that, just to fuck with youHey! i told you to hold him down, now hes runningFuck it *bang*God damnit if you would have just stayed stillNothing would have happened to youJust goes to show you, if you fuck with usShit can happen... bitch

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