Do It Like Me Baby Testo

Testo Do It Like Me Baby

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Chorus: Do it like me baby (hey) lean and rock from side to side snap yo fingers do it do it


verse 1: do it like me on the dance floor so icy I rock cangos yeah I need help I'm a nempho k-rab a-rab set the tempo for the streets for the best for the thugs for the gurl gettin loose in the club bring it back dont act like that d4l and k-rab got stacks ask dizzm ask loe ask mou, stuntman and fabull yeah I'm down wit the beat for tha street dj poo do it like me west side zone 4 zone 3, 107.9 and v 103 made them shake their laffy taffy told them do it like me rock hader dj from the l.o.e

chorus: do it like me baby lean and rock from side to side snap yo fingers do it do it


some really dont dance but I thank I can I'm a lean one time ima pop my hands ima do it do it do it do it on the floor do it so long til my legs get sore see this girl in front of me she rockin her hips and movin her knees oh shit there she go she dancin all fast lookin like fabull I was just playing I dont really think so get back home said I dont wont no mo she said so I said no baby I'm gone off to much dro pop that oill and pop 2 mo now im really geeked up on that floor I'm a lean wit it wit stacks wit it d4l the best dub did it

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