Da B Side Testo

Testo Da B Side

Intro: Jermaine Dupri B Side, B side, check it SoSoDef, Bad Boy, collaboration The Notorious BIG's in the house We got Da Brat in the house And me, y'all know who I be Check it I got beats and beats That ya love to rock to Funk from my trunk is what I provide you So slide through your hood with me in your deck Cause yo, correct way to get your groove on, flossin I paid the costs to be the boss as a kid Now I be the one that you can't mess wit They thought luck did it, but it didn't cause I'm back again Back with the Big and my ne wfound friend [Da Brat] sliding in from the front, never way behind You're tryin to figure how I came with this style of mine Remain, in your seats as I release the clip into yo' hip Brat and Biggie Smalls [Notorious B.I.G.] Oh shit, on top of all that, I'm so-so Remarkable, flow, making competition know Ain't any MC coming close to the Notorious B.I.G. Baby, baby Chorus [Notorious B.I.G.] I never knew that you never had a clue of who was The king of the street More deep than a range rover jeep, guns under the seat And my man just came home from work Release, chrysalis in my lap, chronic in the air (now Biggie pass what's lit like you just don't care) Yeah, you on my hit list, Biggie burns spliffs When I'm pissed, release the rolex from your wrist Baby, no human being, Korean or European Be seeing what we be seeing, now they be peeing In they drawers, because Biggie Smalls will spark A weed Brat-tat-tat please speak [Da Brat] Just close your eyes, cause you already see (fool) The Notorious B-R-A-T [Notorious B.I.G.] The raw combination destination, number one Tote a gun with no hestiation Live with the funkdified cutie pie Gat by the side, the Smalls by her side, If you mess with her you gots to mess with me And we'll be rapping at your eulogy, baby Chorus Brat-tat-tat-tat please speak [Da Brat] I got the funk in my pocket, keep it locked down Shorty you know who represents them platinuim sound Now Biggie, baby, I done heard that Juicy Didn't find nuthin but truth, in the hook B You're pledging to wreck with a notorious hustler ready to die Jump in the benz, took me a little ride Round the mountain, broke a left, hit SoSoDef And told the homey JD I was the one, buck the rest We Funkdafied, kicking it live Robin Leach teaching me how to really survive Rather it be, track or blunt, ain't no need to front Got what you need, and I take everything you ever wanted, nucka We come in mass, is clipping ass, my glass is full of moet The rolex is bar-bayed, parkade, b to the r, ah, a-t Rolling off swoll on chrome 17 Chorus

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