Intro (Unrestricted) Testo

Testo Intro (Unrestricted)

[Millie Jackson]BuckWIIIILD outrageous do what you feel like dointil a motherfucker know when you don't feel like screwinI did it, you do it, break the ties that boundKeep a motherfucker off you, keep your feet on the groundHEYYY!FUCK YOU if you can't go for thatAnd a double fuck you from Da Brat-a-tat-tatLet it +ALL+ hang loose, never feelin afflicted!Go for what you want and it's called.. Unrestricted[Twista]May the Lord be my witnessFrom the "Funk" to the "Tantrum" now "Unrestricted"The K-Town bitch too weakIn Chi-villain they be killin every mark in the districtCan y'all skill match it?Right I kill Patrick from the six-oh-six-fo'-fo'Got hit cause ya clip so slowMotherfuckers can't do shit with "So So"Shine like a twenty inch Mo-Mofor the Navi' on top of them dub'sHit me in the mug, and deliver the budNow you talkin bout my gulTerror for the millenium, straight fuckin up anyone(hah, anyone.. ssshit) Steady bust like a semi gunMurderin over any drum; comin out from the dark Here to let you know here she come[Da Brat]Can't nobody do what I doneNiggaz and bitches think they runFin' ta throw another one of my "Tantrums" redrumAnd the six-oh-six-fo'-fo' is where I'm fromCallin on my nigga Twista to set this shit offTwo of the best motherfuckers on the Westsideif I need to relieve stress I get highThis the introduction - Unrestricted is how I bust inLike a blow to the dome and a severe concussion, shock a hoeAnd niggaz can talk about me, all they want cause I'ma bad bitch and I'ma continue to be that, til I'm gone[Twista]Shit, babygirl you ain't even gotta hurt em like thatCommit a murder like thatLet off like a asskick and serve a hype trackHit the world like volcanos, earthquakes, bombs, thunder and lightninNo wonder it's frighteningHoes might as well not come out of hidingCould you really be about to crush emDustin em off like Hoffman and hush emFeel the repercussions of a girlfrom a place where that gangsterin and hustlinballin and bustin so lie lowDodge low from my Chi flowWe smokin up five-ohand work thirty calories off like Tae-BoIn the middle of the function flossinwith a grip no script but "Legit Ballin"Better go on with the shit talkinI create corpses for caskets and coffinsNiggaz don't want Twista to spitI kick that Mobtastic shitIntroduction for a raw and sometimes psychotic bitch[Millie Jackson]Oh +I'M+ the befo', but Da Brat is the afterWe pimpslap lame bitches just for the laughterAll or nothin, never a fractionYeah, you got it.. motherfuckin Mil-lie JacksonYou BITCHES!.. You BITCHES!

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