Conversations Testo

Testo Conversations

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(feat. Keran & LaTia)

When we talk to you
We know you're present Lord
We want to be with you
Oh, yes, we know you're present Lord
We want to bring youpleasure Lord
We need to be with you
When we talk to you

We can't believe you're mindful of us
You're God and we're reminded we're dust
Got to seek your face
We're gonna go and meet the Father in the secret place
We're His family, man
It's so clear that Yahweh's a family man
So even if you're in Japan
We all talk at the same time like a family plan
He already knows what we need
We talk plain man-we ain't got to fall on our knees
When you stressed-you ain't got to blow on them trees
Just rest in Him-yeah, go on and breathe
Talk to God today
It's only one God that can hear what you say
Yahweh God divides night from day
So go on and talk-He provided a way

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