Come For Mine Testo

Testo Come For Mine

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
One nine nine to three
and I wonder what kind of day Allah, has in store for me
So I stroll out the crib about eight
to go eat breakfast at Mike's, everything's alright
Leave out of Mike's about nine
Headed Uptown to the studio - everything's fine
Reached the studio about ten
Bumped into a good friend - that's what I thought then
But to my surprise, he was the opposite
When he played - tough, I had to call his bluff

"It's cool.. to occupy your own
Come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome" [x4]

Shoppin downtown on the street
Lookin for a pair of new sneaks then I went to get a bite to eat
I saw a guy and his lady
She didn't look my way, but he was lookin at me kind of shady
So I asked him whassup (Yo whattup?)
But before "up" came out, he was pushin away his plate and cup
Screamin somethin bout watchin where I look
Kinda caught me off guard, so at first I was a little shook
But when I gained my composure
I suggested he sit back down where he was cause brother I don't know ya
But he wouldn't take heed
So in front of his girl, and the rest of the place, I bust his face

"It's cool.. to occupy your own
Come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome" [x4]

There was a time and a day; that if I was tested and tried
I turned my cheek and looked the other way
But nowadays I don't sleep; cause if I try to turn away
them brothers think that I'm bein weak
So I'm even in the odds; and whoever steps to me
better be makin sure he pray to God
Less he wanna be my prey; but you don't wanna go that route
Hahahaha.. I'm out!

"It's cool.. to occupy your own
Come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome" [x4]
"Come for mine, I'm gonna crash your dome"
[cut and scratched until fade at the end]
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