Nobody Move (Nobody Get Hurt) Testo

Testo Nobody Move (Nobody Get Hurt)

[Daddy-O] Ah ah I've been waitin and playin the backseat Watchin MC's buy rhymes from the swap meet Now should another year go by of the worst or do you wanna dibble what the Daddy does first? Now if I was blue I'd be the size of an ocean Keepin it calm, with minimal commotion Kinda sorta like the way my rhymes gotta flow cause without that flow I wouldn't be Daddy-O So go tell a friend, just who's on your dial And if takes a minute, then I'll stay a while Instead of shootin the gift, I'm bombin with my presents with the knack to make a torture pleasant Back to the bass root corn foundation As the funky beat comin 'cross yo' station Need to be alarmed? Then call the Red Alert but if nobody moves, nobody gets hurt Chorus: Daddy-O Now nobody move (nobody get hurt) Nobody move (nobody get hurt) C'mon, nobody move (nobody get hurt) Tell me what you came to see? (Daddy-O doin work!) [Daddy-O] Check it, folks are consumed by the error who's got the best video, props on stage? Whatever I choose the Fellowship Shop Cause when I go to rhyme for mine I get props And most can't cut it cause they think like a dog Somebody says, "Fetch!" and you're jumpin like a frog You should stop runnin, you're forfeitin the race and even if you ran you would be in last place You gotta be tasty, just enough season Wanna be a rapper? You gotta have a reason Wanna know mine? I make a punk wanna shiver and my flow is like the Euphrates river Hello hello, wake-up wake-up Time to put the rhyme caffeine in yo' cup Is it true that poppa got a brand new bag? I'm comin with my troops, so raise the flag Allies are welcome, foes get crushed Mainly cause they talk too god damn much about gettin the skins, and raisin the skirts but if nobody moves, nobody gets hurt Chorus + minor variations (repeat 2X) [Daddy-O] I'm +Flowin in File+ with a bag full of goodies Twenty-five deep out in Brooklyn with the hoodies Solo creep? Not unless I have to So until that time, I guess my crew's gonna mop you You see the Ed man made up the track Mike Ajou, Peace and A.C.'s got my back Daoud and Richard take care of engineerin 'Fore I forget, Richy Hustle does the steerin My brother Kedar, keeps the crew in line so that we can have a good strong and healthy cashflow Some say whatever's clever, I say whatever works and if nobody moevs, nobody gets hurt Chorus + minor variations (repeat 2X) [Daddy-O] Yeah! {Yo that kid tryin ot run? WET HIM! *BLAM*}

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