Of A Thousand Young Testo

Testo Of A Thousand Young

I am with you and I die
I will leave you and I will fight

Wrapped around a perfect ???
The entity that you feast and worship
The entity you cannot feel in disguise
Lost cries in your ???

Take my soul and my watcher
Thousands of young
Waiting for the revelation

And grow in me
To bow the weapon
As my nightmare
Fire won't stop

Guilt is growing
To bow no one
And bow together
For the new angel

Bow together
For the new angel
And bow to me
By my will

Show me the light
Of a thousand young
All we're good for
Supress it inside

Learn together
To serve the dark aeon
Lost forever
As we fall

The great vagina of the worlds
Holy Mary and all the children
They lost their power
Bow down to the spawn of the unkind

The raped vagina of this world
Resists the sex of a thousand young
Bloody angles I behold
Angles' feathers mixed with blood

I am what I am
And to the angles I speak
Unto the only ones who know
The only faces of the demon

By whose will
This world has come so far?

Learn together
To serve the dark aeon
Lost forever
As we fall
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