The Dark Testo

Testo The Dark

(Music: A. Yourcenal, L. Mariani)
(Lyrics: L. Ariel)

...An' through memories of passion
The last raindrop is falling down.
The roads are wet, so cold an sad...
So far...
You cannot see, but in my dreams
I slowly learned how to believe...
I don't have hopes to present,
Tonight I have my fears.

The day gets dressed in black
( light is fading )
Our worlds surrender.

We're sailing by together,
Above mysterious skies,
There is no destination
In the night...
The life is gone, but after
This journey in the dark
There must be one safe place,
There must be my guitar!

Led by a candle light
( we are leaving )
We all surrender.

The purpose of this life
( is revealed )
But somehow we'll be alright.
( we will be ..)
We won't surrender!
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