Dag Nasty Testo

Testo Dag Nasty

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I just wanna ride
so drive
I don't care where we're going to just go
just drive
I don't care if we ever come back here
just drive
I wanna lay back and close my eyes
just let me close my eyes
don't' hold my hand
it makes me afraid
don't hold my hand
it's too late for that
I can see your head
I can see the fire
just close your eyes
fear is the law
duty is pain
shame is necessary
to grind the edges from our minds
our minds
she's hurting now
she let the smooth taste fool her
now when she opens up her eyes
her head's on fire
she wanted to be
a fly on my wall
she thinks she'll see me change
but I don't change at all
and you wouldn't have to walk on water
if you could just swim like the rest of us
if for once in your life you just close your eyes
put it in perspective
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