Here's To You Testo

Testo Here's To You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
here's to you
here's to me
may we never disagree
'cause if we do
may old acquaintance be forgotten
here's to me
here's to me
new year, new start
minutes past before it's ripped apart
were you thinking?
what should I think?
about time
one moment past repeated again and again in my mind
what can I say, why should I try
to choose between the love I shouldn't feel and hate for us both
how could you do it?
what made you do it?
moments past before it's ripped apart
just ripped apart
here's to time gone by
here's to you and I
we know we shared one sight but there's a sight you didn't see
three lives
three lives I tried to change
four years building gone without a trace
like it was never there
my choice is made
I cannot stay
the weakest link is gone build yourself a stronger chain
my choice is made
why should I stay
the weakest link is gone
back to the bottom again
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