Welcom To Jamrock Testo

Testo Welcom To Jamrock

"Out in di streets they call it merther ..."

Welcome to jamrock
Camp weh di thugs dem camp at
2 pound a weed ina van back
it ina yuh handbag yuh knapsack, it ina yuh backpack
di smell a gi yuh girlfrien contact
some bwoy no know dis
dem only come around like tourist
on di beach wid few club sodas
bedtimes stories
a pose like dem name chuck norris
an dont know the real hardcore
cause sandals a no back to
di thugs dem wi do weh dem got to
n wont think twice to shot yuh
dont mek dem spot yuh
unless yuh carry guns alot to
a bear tuff things come at yuh
when trenchtown-man stop laugh an block off traffic
den dem wheel an pop off an dem start clap it
wid di pin file dung an it a beat rapid
police come ina jeep an dem caan stop it
some sey dem playboy a playboy rabbit
funnyman a get drop like a bad habit
so nobadda pose tuff if yuh dont have it
rastafari stands alone

welcome to jamrock
welcome to jamrock
"out in di streets they call it merther"

Welcome to jamdown
poor people a dead at random
political violence caan done
pure ghost and phantom
di youths a get blind by stardom
now di kings of kings a call
old man to pickney
so wave unnu hands if yuh wit me
to si di sufferation sick me
dem suit no fit me
to win election dem trick wi
den dem dont do nutting at all
come on lets face it
a ghetto educations basic
an most a di youth dem waste it
an when dem waste it thats when dem tek di guns replace it
an den dont stand a chance at all
an dats why a nuff lickle youth have up some fat matics
wid di extra magazine inna dem back pocket
an bleach a night time inna some black jacket
all who nah lock glock sey dem a lock rocket
dem wi full yuh up a current like a shock socket
dem wi run a road block which part da cops block it
an from now til a mornin nuh stop clock it
if dem run out a rounds a bruk back ratchet

welcome to jamrock
(Southside, Northside)
welcome to jamrock
(Eastcoast Westcoast)
welcome to jamrock
(cornwall middlesex and sorrey y'll)
welcome to jamrock
"out in di streets they call it merther"

jamaica jamaica
jamaica jamaica no
jamaica jamaica yah
jamaica jamaica !
welcome to jamrock
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