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Testo Eversick

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I know a girl who is sick at all the days of all the years
She doesn't get up of the bed and live the life with the nightmares she fed
She loves her big big bedroom walls and her black and white pillow
She never talked, she just breath in and roll over like an armadillo

Why you just don't leave this place?
She said: I just don't answer 'cos I can't see from who was the question made...

What? You can't see? I'm just right here!
Are you blind or dull or just like to laugh at me?
It takes a long time to me understand the situation
My brain just don't accept that conversation...

Please, please my darling, explain to me
What you mean telling this? [x2]

(Man in black, all that I can tell is that the real blind is you)
Someday you'll learn that you only see what you want to.
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