Brown Sugar (Remix) Testo

Testo Brown Sugar (Remix)

(feat. Kool G. Rap)

Let me tell you about this girl, maybe I should
I met her in Philly, and her name was "Brown Sugar"
See we've been making love constantly
That's why my eyes are a shade blood burgandy
The way that we kiss is unlike any other way that I be kissing
When I'm kissing, what I'm missing won't you listen
Brown sugar babe, I gets high off your love, don't know how to behave

I want some of your brown sugar [x4]

Oh sugar when you're close to me, you love me right down to my knees
And whenever you let me hit it
Sweet black honey when it comes to me
Skin is caramel with the cocco eyes
Even got a big sister by the name of "Chocolate Thai"
Brown sugar babe, I get high off love, don't know how to behave

[Kool G. Rap]
Well it's that street flavor neighbor that I smack upon this track
So throw that tobacco outta that Philly, dump in the illy and sit back
And get with bubonic chronic, the pond green bionic
My brown eyes get Chinese, high frequencies like Panasonic
I gets dumb when I hits one, for when you splits one and twists one
If you ain't with getting blitzed son then straight up you missed one
I be high til I die, blowing lye smoke up in the sky
Getting bumbed from the trum and hella else from chocolate thai
So fly the friendly get highs, we wise guys with red eyes
Bigger than life sized, for the big pies we terrorize
While getting blunted enemies get hunted, we don't front it
Son if you want it, it'll be a murder mystery like Whodunit
Steady, get ready to step to that next level
Fear this like a daredevil, bounce this and pass a sack to the ear level
So come get with the program as I slam
He run that old flim flam then you can catch a blam blam and I don't give a

Now that be how the story goes
Brown sugar got me open, now I want some more
Always down for a menagie-a-trois
But I think I'll hit it solo where my niggas won't mind
Stick out my tounge and I'm about to hit this gritty pretty bitty with
Yo I don't think y'all hear me
Brown sugar babe, I get high off love, don't know how to behave

I want some of your brown sugar [x16: with ad-libs]
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