Broken Man Testo

Testo Broken Man

When it's convenient you walk through the door
With a laid back look on your face
And all the people that you choose to ignore
Will never run in your race

Honey, where you going?
No one else is going
Another dice you're throwing
Every seed you're sewing
I gotta take you to a special place

I had a feeling it would end up like this
I should have never closed my eyes or kissed
I didn't notice you reached in with your hand
Ripped my heart and my soul out and left me a broken man

I'm still breaking, breaking
(A broken man) x4

If you're the killer then I'm ready to die
Just remember me when I'm gone
If you're the devil then I'm with you tonight
Running to finish this song


I'm still breaking, breaking
(A broken man) x4

All my innocence for the taking
I think I'm just about to lose this race
All my senses have been awaken
... with a pretty face
I hope you're happy in your special place

(chorus x2)

I'm still breaking, breaking
(A broken man)
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