Sparkle Baby Shine Testo

Testo Sparkle Baby Shine

I'm feeling like it's personal,
So personal and I can barely breathe.
So, believe me when i say it's not so personal,
If you won't sleep with me.

And, this flame that's burning deep inside our lives,
Is beginning to fade to a faint, distant light.
Now don't you be so scared, so uptight.
Cause when it comes down to it, you know it will be just right.

Now don't you say:

Andy, please, let me inside your heart, I'm waiting here for you
To help guide me through all of the doubts that I have.
I can't seem to break through ... I wont hurt you.

You, give me time, but never listen.
Said I was too young for this ish.
Now you're telling me you miss it.
And I, gave you all my time and effort.
Fighting just to make it better.
Fighting cause I think you're worth the time
You brought me to your house and made believe that it would all work out.
And you, leave me for someone you know will never treat you like I can.

Please never say:


I wont, I wont, I won't ever hurt you again.

Even when I gave you all of my love, you pushed it all away.
(So sorry, dear, no time for you here, I'm afraid that I can't stay.)
Deep inside all I wanted was someone willing to tell me how they feel inside.
(The truth be told, I think someone back home's been keeping you in mind)

[Chorus] [x2]
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