Where I Started Testo

Testo Where I Started

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Bring me back to where I started
Tell me how I got so lost
Bring me back to days I charted
I want you to tell me how I got so lost

I'm seeing big change, in how I think lately.
No signs of sympathy.
Whoa, whoa.

Came out and came clean
force fed the enemy.
For her tranquility.
Whoa, whoa.

Brought me down with vanity.
Facile things are destroying me
completely driven by a deadly obsession.

Words slide into her ear.
Just listen cause it wasn't clear.
Brushed down to the ground,
it's an emergency.


she played a huge role.
In how I've been lately.
Stole all my sanity.
Whoa, whoa.

hold tight and kissed me
And now I'm completely,
Under this certainty
Whoa, whoa

maybe love can exist in me
through this girl who I never see
Too many questions that have been left to answer.
Hold me down so I never leave
Shields cards that I've never seen.
Brushed down to the ground
it's an emergency.


I tried to forget, live in my life in regret
I go to you for respect
Now I slowly reflect
on the life you stole
but I'm breaking through slowly
so don't try to hold me.

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