2012 Testo

Testo 2012

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The silhouettes of burning buildings project a different color.
We march on.
Chaos pours on through the hills, bleeds out a fluorescent scene.
It's not too late.
Denial brought us to our knees, shattered hopes and broken dreams.
This is the end.
The door we once opened is now sewn shut and locked from the other side.
When will we die?

The time has come.
So grab your guns and grab your freedom.
It won't be long.

This time we wont have another choice.
Its far and gone. Can you believe?
We've wondered far from our bounds.
Alone in space and time.

When we march on I see the way.
All can see now.
This way right now. I will be here. This way out here.

This is the end. I'll wait right here. Just wait for me. I won't be gone.
Just a little further...I wont be gone. We march on.
From the burning buildings we march on. We will survive.

Damn, lonely man, no more dreams, no more family.
Ammo shells body my hollow beam.
The smoke clears while ash rains.
It seems we've seen our last day.
How could the resolution have passed me?
Well dance by us, were so blind.
Tried to create something the world had provided.
But we chose to divide, closed eyes; swollen pride.
Not knowing our flow was causing wave-swelling tides.

And what remains? Hope...hoping for change.
Coping with pain opens your brains.
And as the shrouds and clouds opened and rained.
Destined as angels but got tangled by the angles they aimed.
And whats the cost? The roads that they crossed.
Blinded and they finally saw they lost.
Infinite can never see an equal. Good and evil.
And in the end its always followed by the prequel.
People, you see the future is a mystery.
And at this moment now were making history.
No matter how I yell they still ain't listening.
Lets end the misery and bring the change they wish to see.

They sold the cow, leaving nothing but the beans.
They tried to find out how, knowing nothing of the means.
The truth? The truth is really nothing what it seems.
And in the end this was nothing but a dream.
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