These Dreams Are Nightmares Testo

Testo These Dreams Are Nightmares

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I've just woken but I'm dreaming of places Ive been.
These castle walls, they surround me until I can't breathe.
This worlds so cold as the darkness becomes my skin.
Can't look up, can't look down. There's no place to go.
These dreams are paintings but the oil is dripping thin.
Black above, white below, I just wanna leave.
Behind this landscape are the fears that drag me in.
Bells start ringing as my fears begin to grow.

These dreams are nightmares creeping in.
Your life will end before it starts.
No telling where the cold begins.
Shadows will beat you to the chase.
Ideas of hope begin to fade.
We cling to hope to keep us safe.

Just wake up and put your hope into your right hand.
Now squeeze your left hand until your darkness fades away.
Lets start your day off with a new sense of ability.
You're in control now so become part of your darkest dream
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