I Need You Testo

Testo I Need You

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
There's nothing i can say
There's nothing i can do
Like a flower needs the sun
I need you

There's nowhere i can stay
There's nowhere i can go
Like a bird needs a nest
I need to get some rest

I need you more than anything else
I need you more than life
I need to find a friend in this place
I need to make my way home safe
Get rid of these chains
That look nice but break my neck

There's no one i can trust
And no one i can touch
Flesh and blood among shadows
I cry to you much
When i thought you are strong
You showed me your wounds
When i realized i'm weak
There was a rattle from your tomb

I decided to break free
From the freedom in me
I stabbed a knife into my heart
And gave you the missing part
I found a friend somewhere else
Looked in outer space
To find a heart-shaped planet
Project its light on myself
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