Warship Workshop Testo

Testo Warship Workshop

Would you please let me stop this here and now
would you please tell me where to go
would you please let there be love in the air
or does it just work with money anywhere?

where do i point again
and who do i point at again?
it really doesn´t make sense again
to hit the road every new day again
and crash the car just once again

you´re a flower, you´re still a flower!

all the money that i spent
you´ve got no clue where it is from
say the words that stop the river
crying out what is to come

these tears how much i have been sick
twist the view at how it is
emotionally things have been changed
so often one single day
oh, what a simple way!

the great white lion fell asleep
with a rainbow streaming from his ears
and secondary problems
that once paved the way i walked to school

now they lay covered
by a colour no human word can explain
and this helps to remind me
of the state i was in with seventeen

when i thought i was pure
i thought i was clean
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