Strange World Testo

Testo Strange World

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Is this our last chance to say all we have to say
hiding here inside ourselves we live our lives afraid
so close your eyes and just believe in everything your told
'cos in this land of great confusion it's easy to give up control


Strange world people talk and tell only lies
Strange world people kill an eye for an eye
Strange world dream one-day we'll see the light
Strange world believe and everything will be alright
And this is the place where everything begins and ends again
no secrets left to find no seven deadly sins
this world that we have wasted has kept us very well
when science now is sacred who will save us from ourselves


Strange world people talk sometimes I wonder why
Strange world people kill still no-one hears their cries
Strange world burn these thoughtless tears out of my eyes
Strange world

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