Nobot Testo

Testo Nobot

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Look in your mind and see what you find
Mechanical grind, a circuit says go
Further within, your alien skin
A devious grin that makes you say no

It's your mutated scream
In a sub synthetic dream
You were mirror-faced
Technology replaced

Never you die a humanoid's cry
There's no reason why, they ever should know
In a scarred past you were made to last
The future was cast, your power would grow

It's your mutated scream
In a post hypnotic dream
You were neuro-laced
Technology replaced

Into your frozen heart
Run wires that bleed
Programmed in autostart
Intrinsic seed

In their image you were cast
A flesh so real
Genetic fusion crashed
The truth revealed



Look in your mind and see what you find
Molecular grind, a circuit says go
Knowledge extract, awakening act
Submission intact, device overload

It's their mutated scream
In a realistic theme
You are multi-faced
Implanted master race
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