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Testo This Is What I Dreamed

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
In the cool of the evening
When I was a boy
I would gaze at the wide open skies
And I'd dream of a someday
When I'd be a man
And live with a lady with lights in her eyes
Well, I searched for that dream
Till my heart nearly broke
Till my hopes turned to hopeless and died
Until just this morning when I suddenly woke
Looked at you sleeping there and cried

This is what I dreamed
This is what I wished for
Now all at once I see
Everything I've ever wanted
Is here with me

Yes, this is what I dreamed
Like a miracle unfolding
Holding you near me
Just like this

Every moment, every kiss
Is exactly how I pictured it would be
I swear I must be dreamin'
For this is what I dreamed, ooh

And it's everywhere around us
Every cloud in the sky
Every breeze that blows by
Can't believe I've been so blind
To this sweet bliss

Yes this is what I dreamed
And I just can't help but wonder
If under those same magic skies
You were closing your eyes
And dreaming of this moment with me
My life is wide awake now
For this is what I dreamed ooh

This is what I dreamed
This is what I dreamed
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