Negative Reinforcement Testo

Testo Negative Reinforcement

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Your mind is made of clay
To be molded into anything they want
You live a life of pain
Humiliation and hell
But you'd better believe in God
Don't step out of line
Or you'll find it hurts
To try to be what you want
Just keep your mouth shut and
Conform to the crowd
Is what you're really being taught
Don't try to reason
They're too old
Their job's to make you fit the mold
Complete submission is their goal
Do as you're told
Don't let them win they'll fuck your life
To see you scared is what they like
To be your self is not a crime
Fight for your right
They try to run your life
They think they've got the right
To train you like a dog
The game they play is called God
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