Expectations Are For The Old Testo

Testo Expectations Are For The Old

he's the type that always gets good grades, makes the honour roll. his parents are so proud of him but they never noticed that he doesn't smile. but today he's coming home with a test marked with an "f" smiling for the first time. and he thinks to himself as he walks through the door and sees all the a's posted on the fridge "boy won't they be mad now." he's trying just to live like a kid. expectations out the window. he's finally doing things for himself. expectations out the window. she's the type to always win the race, cross the finish line, her coach pats her on the back and her friends shout victory, she pretends that she cares. but today she's having the time of her life as she walks around the track, her opponents running way ahead as she thinks to herself and she smiles, "boy won't they be mad now

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