I Wanna Go Home Testo

Testo I Wanna Go Home

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
oooooo i wanna go home 3x. school doesn't interest me, believe me that is true. waking up at 8 am, that's not what i wanna do. teachers are so fucking old, classes are so fuckin dumb, don't wanna do what i'm told..i'm so bored i'm going dumb! [chorus] school sux this is true, listen to what i'm telling you, teachers don't know what to do the janitor is sniffin glue, never want to go again nothings new this is lame, why's it always the same, this is a sick twisted game. got beaten up at lunch hour, this is it my day is sour. rocks thrown at me every day... and called a fag. administers are fuckin fools. why they wanna work in school? why do i even go? cuz my parents told me so! i don't mind the walls are grey, as long as i don't go today. nothing written on my face. homework is 3 weeks late. my dog ate my homework, didn't matter anyway. my principal is such a jerk won't listen to what he says. [chorus] i'd rather eat, i'd rather sleep, i'd rather smell my fucking feet, i'd rather die, i'd rather do chorus, then walk inside those double doors, i'd rather walk i'd rather talk then be in a class with a bunch of schmucks. damn i'm feeling like a stooge, what the fuck can i do?

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