The Ethics Of Camping Testo

Testo The Ethics Of Camping

What do you mean, "Where are we going?" We're getting as far away was we can.
Besides, a question like that makes a mockery of this whole trip.
If you're going to make me answer that then we might as well go home right now.
Wasn't half the point just building it?
Doesn't the result seem meaningless compared to what we've done?
We did ourselves.Wasn't half the point just getting there?
What do you mean "Are we there?" We don't even know where there is.
Anyway, what does it matter if you think you're having fun right now?
So what does it mean if you're here or there or anywhere?
Nothing in this life is ever done. If life were a result we'd all be dead.
Nothing stays for good; it's washed away just like all good things in time.
Let me build a campfire and let it burn itself out.
When it starts to get cold let's get in our sleeping bags. (Inside of our hearts)
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